Supernova consists of a reflective sphere centrally suspended within a darkened installation space surrounded by a unique choreography of laser spectrums and sonic compositions. The lasers are programmed to geometrically pulsate around and reflect off the sphere in tight synchronization to music, culminating in a dynamic interplay of light and sound.

This installation explores the distinction and relationship of light, sound and form and the way these elements can be amalgamated to create new types of multisensory immersive experiences.

Supernova originated from a more minimal purist format with a focus being on the direct relationship of light, reflection and sound frequency. This original piece comprised of a laser and video projected circle that repeatedly contracted and expanded over time. When the circle contracts to a single beam it makes contact with a marble and ‘explodes’ / refracts into a multitude of split beams in 360 degrees. Simultaneously a heavy bass frequency is triggered. It is this simplistic utilisation of light and sound frequency and extraction and emission of the lowest auditory sound frequency, and complex redistribution of photons that demonstrates the human ability to harness technologies that reveal hidden aspects of our surrounding environment. The piece is also designed to consider the mathematical deconstruction of our environment and how what we naturally and organically perceive is technically divided into spectrums and frequencies.