Drawing upon ideas of perception and consciousness, the kinetic work Phaseshift explores the parallels between environments, digital and physical, harmonious and chaotic.

Phaseshift consists of a suspended two-metre mechanical pendulum activated by an electromagnetic motor to engage a swinging motion. The pendulum’s movement is mimicked by a projected animation, programmed to move at the same speed and velocity as the pendulum arm. Due to a variety of factors, the animated projection regularly shifts in and out of phase with the pendulum's swinging motion, at times synchronising with the movement and at other times becoming asynchronous. This interplay of physical and digital movement forms an ongoing eternally evolving rhythmic cyclical composition.

Bringing together ideas of time and space, the constant rhythmic pulse of form, the pendulum and projection collide and interact, inciting a hypnotic meditative consideration of the consonance and dissonance and narrative tension that exists through the many facets of our lives in relationships, storytelling and music.