Hypercube is a concentric cubic sculpture illuminated with a 120 metre programmable LED array allowing for the experimentation of a range of intricate light choreographies albeit bounded by its minimalistic form.

The pixels positioned throughout the sculpture are capable of indicating their virtual coordinates and therefor programmed to illuminate as they are intersected by a variety of transient virtual volumes. This capacity to reveal shape as light is automated and recorded into individual scenes which are then sampled, duplicated, resized and syncopated along a rhythmic timeline and combined with the illumination of individual elements of the structure and the inclusion of a variety of textural animations.

Sound designs are employed to deliberately cultivate a deeper audiovisual synaesthetic connection. By continually cross referencing the sound and vision, audiovisual sync is gradually refined. Ambient light that is captured by the surrounding walls of the room further intensifies these choreographies, culminating in the creation of an abstruse immersive environment.

Although the work straddles a temporal structure, is also departs from a single point of reference and positions itself outside conceptual framework and into the realms of arbitrariness and abstract expressionism. It’s frenetic technical pace evokes cognitive suspension while, conversely, its moments of serenity provide a paradox of contemplative reflection.

The aim of this piece is to provide consideration of the depth and breadth of spatio-temporal audiovisual dynamics over a minimalistic 3D form and how this information is absorbed through cross-modal sensory perception.

Lance Davis Design, Sensory Empire, Brendan Harwood & Eben Greaves.