Science defines boundaries, art reveals the boundless reality within.

Sculpted from a matrix of more than 700,000 LEDs, Axiom is not a monumental edifice and canvas for audiovisual experimentation. It is also a conceptual gateway, one that attempts to ‘bridge’ our connection with everyday base reality to a invisible higher order, one exists in unknown and undiscovered spaces.

Emerging as three symmetrically aligned archways, the installation presents a series of video animations that embody and envelop its surfaces and contours whilst peering inside its virtual volume through an illusion of depth effects and artificial shadows. Within Axiom exists a transition between form and illumination; the intent being to cause the observer to reconsider what is virtual and what is actual. The sheer magnitude of the LED array transforms the sculpture from a video canvas to a light source, allowing for the transformation and interplay of contextual video material to high impact stroboscopic lighting.

The animations and synchronised soundscapes provide an evolving syncopated framework, moving from meditative pulsations to rapid percussions, enhanced by hypnotic musical overtones. As these audiovisual arrangements gradually unfold throughout the work, the symmetry of light, sound, space and time are explored, anatomised and re-invented. This contortion of multiple compositional and choreographic techniques illustrates a deconstruction of materiality, with the objective of rebuilding it in an alternate mode.

Axiom breaks conventions by harnessing and re-appropriating the power of cutting-edge event technologies, software systems and construction techniques to evoke a new form of non-linear experiential response.